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Homer Bailey no-nos Giants, doused with Powerade, gets fans pizza, drops f-bomb (vid)


Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey now has the MLB’s last two no-hitters after pitching a gem against the San Francisco Giants in a 3-0 Reds win at the Great American Ballpark on Tuesday night.

Bailey’s no-no — the second of his career — was the first of this season after he pitched the final no-hitter of a record-tying seven last season in a superb outing against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As part of a campaign between Major League Baseball and Domino’s dubbed “DomiNoNo,” the first 10,000 subscribers who visit will receive a free pan pizza (carryout only) from the pizza chain. What a deal. So long as you avoid the Noid. Is that still a thing? Doubt it.

Following Bailey’s remarkable night on the mound, his Reds teammates drenched him in Powerade. So fans got free pizza and Bailey received a sticky soaking as a reward for his efforts.


Wow, they got him good. I’m pretty sure Bailey’s cool with it, though.

And to put a profane cap on the magical night for Homer Bailey, he also dropped an f-bomb during a post-game interview with FOX Sports Ohio while discussing how he walked Gregor Blanco in the seventh inning, saying, “Naw man, I just fu**ing walked a guy” before continuing the discussion:

Fantastic. As an aside, how about the name “Homer” for a pitcher? That’s odd. It’s like a hitter being named “Struckoutlooking,” which would be a pretty weird name. Probably Norwegian or something.