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Garrett Jones hits home run, ball gets stuck in some dude’s cup (video)


A home run off the bat of Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Garrett Jones somehow became inextricably lodged in a fan’s souvenir cup after the ball landed in the center field seats of PNC Park during Tuesday night’s game between the Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies.

The ball doesn’t appear to have ended up in the dude’s cup on the fly, but it nevertheless became so stuck in the beverage container that it could not be removed.


For some unknown reason, stadium personnel refused to provide the jaws of life to remove said souvenir from its cup prison. That’s a shame.

Cut4 put together an amusing little GIF documenting the emotional journey that the Pirates fan traveled as a result of the ball that could not be dislodged:

But in the end, with the Pirates in possession of an MLB-best 51-31 record, my guess is the dude was able to get over it pretty quickly.