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A replica of the Stanley Cup made entirely out of meat? Sure, why not? (pics)


On Tuesday, Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville stopped by morning talk show “Windy City Live.” Coach Q brought along Lord Stanley’s Cup for his appearance but waiting for him was a trophy with a much “meatier” pedigree, if you will.

Constructed entirely out of savory meats by the folks at ManBQue, the “Manley Cup” is almost a life-sized replica of the most hallowed trophy in sports. And it would probably taste much better as well, but according to ManBQue president Jesse Valenciana, it’s inedible. That stinks, although probably not as bad as that bad boy is going to smell if it stays out of the fridge much longer.

An extensive photo gallery documenting the Manley Cup’s construction can be found at ManBQue’s Facebook page, but here a few choice images:

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Weighing a whopping 35 pounds, the Manley Cup took seven hours to build. The base of the trophy replica was made out of ground beef, the cup out of bacon and hot dogs were used to keep the whole thing together. Yummy. If only it was edible.

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