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Watch a dragonfly elude a Wilton Lopez pitch in super-slow motion (video)


During a game between the Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants over the weekend, a dragonfly found itself right in the path of a pitch out of the hand of Rockies relief pitcher Wilton Lopez. Somehow, the insect used all its wings to swoop up and avoid becoming a smeary stain on the ball and some super-slow motion video captured and chronicled the incredible scene.


Amazing. And to think, the dragonfly probably got to live out the rest of its life in relative safety. Which is generally only a couple of months once a dragonfly reaches the adult stage, but can you imagine what it must have been like when he regaled his dragonfly buddies with tales of his near-death experience? I bet the scene was absolutely “buzzing” with excitement when that story was told. At the same time, maybe this particular dragonfly was a real big talker and annoyed his fellow insects by “bugging” them all the time with his tall tales. Dragonflies are known as notorious boasters in the insect world. So I heard made up.

All kidding and pathetic attempts at jokes aside, the dragonfly fared much better and did not have to suffer the same cruel fate that the bird who unwittingly flew into the path of a Randy Johnson fastball back in 2001.

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