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Why watch Wimbledon when Taiwanese animation sums it up so well? (video)


This year’s Wimbledon tournament arguably has been one of the most bizarre in recent memory, with colossal upsets being the central theme of all the wacky events occurring on the hallowed grass.

But there really isn’t much sense in taking all that time to watch match after match after match of Wimbledon when the folks at Next Media Animation summarize all the action, upsets and drama at the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club so brilliantly. At least in NMA’s version of the events thus far at Wimbledon, courtesy of the patented Taiwanese Animation Treatment, you can see stuffy Brits vomit what appears to be feces out of their mouths, see Rafael Nadal fall into a crater on the court in a blood-spattering mess, watch Roger Federer make an unceremonious exit out of the arena courtesy of a huge tennis ball, Maria Sharapova fall into yet another center court crater, see Victoria Azarenka’s legs separate from her body at the knees and finally, watch as Serena Williams’ hair is burned off, for some reason.

It’s good stuff. Rich and compelling.

It’s almost like I watched every match. Good job, Next Media Animation.