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Redskins rep asked Arby’s to take down RG3 ‘Reserved Parking’ sign


Last week, an amusing tale made its way around the interwebs about how an Arby’s restaurant near the training camp site of the Washington Redskins recently put up a sign in its parking lot that reserved a space for the team’s quarterback, Robert Griffin III.

It turns out by the time the photo started making waves on the Internet it already had been taken down, at the request of an unidentified Redskins team official.

According to Dean Kovanes, the owner of the Arby’s franchise located in Richmond, Va., just down the road from where the Redskins will break camp later this month, a Redskins representiaive, who Kovanes claims “couldn’t have been more polite,” contacted him and asked that the sign be taken down. Apparently, it was feared that the sign could present the impression that it was a tacit endorsement of Arby’s by either Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins franchise, or both. Kovanes complied with the request.

So, in the end, the sign only was up for four days. Sad.

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