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Purdue shirt has Notre Dame leprechaun performing fellatio on Boilermaker (pic)


Being cross-state rivals, it’s not surprising that the respective fan bases of the Purdue Boilermakers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish football teams have engaged in a series of one-upmanship over the years.

And while Notre Dame has held the upper hand in the quest for Indiana college football supremacy throughout the rivalry, a shirt from yesteryear featuring the Notre Dame leprechaun mascot on his knees servicing a Purdue Boilermaker certainly scores some serious smack talk points regardless of what has transpired on the gridiron.

A reddit user claims his old man wore the shirt to a Notre Dame-Purdue game in the 1980s.

Bearing the message, “IRISH: Swallow our pride,” the t-shirt, for what it lacks in tastefulness it more than makes up for with hilarious crassness, which I suppose is a somewhat redundant statement but work with me here. It’s a t-shirt featuring a leprechaun performing fellatio on a Boilermaker, for Pete’s sake.

Via reddit:


Goodness gracious. That ain’t right, man. Hilarious, but not right.

In the end, if you find yourself among the Purdue faithful, this shirt doesn’t suck one bit. But if you’re a Notre Dame backer, this piece of crude apparel certainly blows.

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