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Cubs to give out wrestling masks at ‘Lucha Libre Night’ on July 30 (photo)


If anyone is planning on taking a road trip to one of the most revered (and decrepit) ballparks in Major League Baseball, try to plan it around a four-game series between July 29 and July 31. And the game to be at the ballpark for is on July 30, when it will “Lucha Libre Wrestling Mask Night” at Wrigley Field when the Chicago Cubs host the Milwaukee Brewers.

Can you say, awesome? Or perhaps “¬°Ole!” would be a more fitting exclamation.

According to the Cubs official Facebook page, “All Budweiser Bleacher fans for the game July 30 against the Milwaukee Brewers at 7:05 p.m. will receive a Lucha Libre Wrestling Mask!”

Behold the wrestling masks, featuring Cubs logos on both the front and the back, in all their glory:


Fantastic. The only question that remains is how many inebriated Cubs fans will be body-slamming one another in the chaotic environs of Wrigley’s legendary bleachers, which bear a somewhat dubious reputation in the first place. Also, just how many robberies will occur in the Chicagoland area where the perpetrator of the crime will be wearing one of these bad boys?

Interesting note: Also being held at Wrigley on the same night these masks are to be given away by the Cubs: “Girl Scout Night”. What a strange combination of events.

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