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Victor Oladipo’s day at the NBA Draft as chronicled through Google Glass (video)


It was hard not to notice that Victor Oladipo was rocking the Google Glass during the 2013 NBA Draft on Thursday night.

Selected 2nd overall by the Orlando Magic, the former Indiana Hoosiers star sported the Google Glass accessory throughout the evening. That is until a league official approached Victor in the green room and informed him he had to take off his Google Glass before stepping to the podium alongside David Stern.

Said Oladipo about the Google Glass-wearing experience: “It’s been crazy,” adding, “A once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m glad you guys get to see it from my perspective.”

And we get to see what his draft day was like via the Google Glass perspective.

The Verge has a lengthy, fascinating and exclusive write-up about Oladipo’s experience, but what follows simply is a taste:

Victor actually wore Glass for three days, after spending some time on Tuesday figuring out how to use the device. The hardest part was just getting them fitted; once he could see the tiny screen, he instantly understood what to do. After only about five minutes of instructions and testing he was recording himself dribbling around the lobby of the Westin and asking Glass for directions to the Barclay’s Center, where Thursday’s draft was held.

Victor says he liked the feeling that he was hosting his own show — most of the videos he took feature him narrating what he’s seeing and how he’s feeling, as though he’s trying to remember it all through the chaos. It is a fascinating and wildly intimate glimpse of what it’s like to be a 21-year-old superstar in the making. “If you thought I was nervous yesterday, imagine how I’m feeling this morning,” he says, looking out over New York from his hotel room on draft day. “Come with me on the VO Show.”

And the video:

Awesome. Anytime someone wants to hook me up with some Google Glass to see what it’s like to go through a day as a Juliyard-trained sports blogger, just let me know. You’ve never truly seen Bagel Bites cooking in a toaster oven until you’ve seen it through Google Glass, folks.

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