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Patrick Sharp’s toddler daughter gets up-close look at Stanley Cup (photo)


Lord’s Stanley Cup will be put through plenty of debauchery over the summer as Chicago Blackhawks players — I’m looking specifically at you, Patrick Kane — take it on a worldwide tour sure to be rife with partying and adults-only good times.

Which is probably why it’s for the best that the Cup is allowed to enjoy — as much as a trophy can “enjoy” something — some down time here and there to break up its global, good-time-having trip.

The Stanley Cup experienced just that kind of relaxing respite on Thursday when it was in the possession of Blackhawks winger Patrick Sharp, who spent a relaxing evening with the Cup and his family, in particular his daughter (above, with Dad shortly after Chicago defeated the Boston Bruins in Game 6).

Referring to it as “just hanging out,” Sharp tweeted the below photo:


The name of the cute little youngster is Madelyn Grace. Born Dec. 9, 2011, little Madelyn wasn’t born yet the last time her daddy hoisted the Cup in 2010, so this is her first chance to have a look-see at what all the hullabaloo is about with this danged trophy.


[H/T For the Win, top image via tumblr)