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Lucas Nogueira and his afro made styling splash at 2013 NBA Draft (pics/GIF)


Years from now, the NBA book will be written on Lucas “Bebe” Nogueira, a 20-year-old big man out of Brazil, and we’ll all know whether or not the Boston Celtics taking the young man with the 16th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft — although he now is an Atlanta Hawk after the pick was sent to Dallas as part of draft-day deal and then dealt to Atlanta — was an astute move or yet another first rounder to toss into the scrap heap of players selected due to calculated, but perhaps overreaching, leaps made by NBA franchises in the hopes of looking smarter than everyone else in the room.

But for one shining moment on Thursday night, none of that mattered, because as Nogueira heard his name called and stood up, he unleashed an afro unparalleled in NBA Draft history since perhaps the golden age of the afro way back in the super-groovy 1970s.

All images via @jose3030 (via Ball Don’t Lie):

Lucas-Noguiera-Afro-2 Lucas-Noguiera-Afro-1 Lucas-Noguiera-Afro

And a GIF, via The Score:

Magnificent. Look at the bounce, the vitality, the way the afro springs back into form after he places the hat atop his head. Darn impressive hairstyle, Mr. Noguiera