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Light tower in Nationals Park catches fire during the 11th inning (video)


During an extra inning affair at Nationals Park with the Washington Nationals trailing the Arizona Diamondbacks by a run in the bottom of the 11th, a a light tower about right field caught fire.

Did it “ignite” the Nationals offense? Did it “spark” a last-minute rally? Can I come up with another lame fire reference? Wait and see. Oh, and watch the video of the unplanned pyrotechnics.

Fans occupying three sections directly below the blaze reportedly were evacuated quickly and the fire was put out with relative ease, so no delay in game play occurred (via

Crazy stuff. But in the end, the fire had a minimal effect on the outcome of the game. The Nationals offense was “snuffed out,” and Washington lost by a score of 3-2.

See? I sneaked one last weaksauce reference in there. You could say you were “burned” on that score if you doubted me. “Extinguish” any thought of me not taking a easy joke if it is there.

[H/T The Strike Zone]