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Was Lisa Loeb tune the inspriation behind the Lakers’ Dwight Howard billboards? (pic)


So, the Los Angeles Lakers, in an attention-seeking gambit that bears just the slightest whiff of desperation, have begun erecting billboards throughout Los Angeles that feature soon-to-be free agent center Dwight Howard along with the message “STAY” and the hashtag, “#STAYD12.”

The Lakers uploaded photos of the billboards to the team’s official Twitter account Wednesday and “six or seven” billboards reportedly are expected in total.

But if you ask me, whoever it was in the Lakers front office that was behind this aggressive campaign may have been a bit too influenced by his or her profound love of the classic ’90s ballad, “Stay”, by Lisa Loeb.

Maybe not, but hey, I only hear what I want to.

Via @Lakers:


It will be interesting to see if the billboards and social media campaign have any influence whatsoever on whether or not Dwight Howard elects to remain in La La Land or move on to another NBA team. If it’s the latter — and ESPN’s Chris Broussard suspects that to be the case — will the Lakers be pleased to be rid of him or will the team feel that “Reality Bites.” Get it?

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