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St. Louis Cardinals reliever Joe Kelly shows off some sweet dance moves (video)


If a pitcher is not actually behind the netting and throwing a live session of batting practice and he isn’t pitching on the side, there really isn’t much for him to do. Just ask St. Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Joe Kelly.

Watch as Kelly demonstrates not only a wide array of dance moves but also some serious skills as he chills in the outfield with fellow Cardinals pitcher Edward Mujica.


Now that’s some fancy footwork, kids. But looking at his stats (0-3, 4.22 ERA, 40 H, 32 IP in 21 appearances) reveals maybe Kelly should be working on his pitching a bit more than his dancing.

Ah, I kid, I kid. In this day and age, those aren’t really that bad of numbers. Further, if ballplayers can’t have fun at the ballpark, a 162 game season, no matter how well or not one is playing, can be a long and torturous grind.