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Rangers center fielder Leonys Martin fouls ball right off his nutsack (GIFs)


During Wednesday’s game between the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees, Rangers center fielder Leonys Martin experienced something no baseball player should ever be subjected to: A baseball drilled him square in the nutsack. Yep, Martin fouled off a pitch and the baseball bounced up and hit him in a not-so-welcome of a spot.

Granted, it wasn’t a straight shot to the junk, courtesy of, say, a 90 mph heater out of a pitcher’s hand, nor was it a screaming line drive drilling him in the man parts like some kind of crotch-seeking missile. But just because the ball caromed off the ground in the batters box and then directly into his balls doesn’t make it any less painful nor any less of a traumatic experience.

Guys: The disturbance in the force that binds all men that you are feeling in the pit of your gut right now has been caused by every male who is watching these GIFs collectively squirm in their seats:

And another look, for any gluttons for punishment out there:

Goodness gracious. That’s gotta hurt. Have I ever mentioned that I’m the master of the obvious?

Martin remained on the ground for a solid two minutes — can you blame him? — before getting up, demonstrating a remarkable testicular fortitude, before striking out. Once again, can you blame him?

So, Martin, presumably gingerly, eased his way back to the dugout, likely hoping that someone in the Rangers clubhouse was filling a tub full of ice. Lots and lots of ice.

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