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Jayson Nix runs over Andy Pettitte on Elvis Andrus’ bunt attempt (GIFs)


During the bottom of the third inning of Wednesday’s New York Yankees-Texas Rangers tilt, Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus laid down a perfectly placed sacrifice bunt, right down the third baseline. But it wasn’t so much what Andrus did on the play but what Yankees third baseman Jayson Nix did as he interfered with Andy Pettitte’s attempt at fielding the ball.

As Pettitte scooped up the ball and turned to throw to first, Nix comes rushing in out of nowhere, barreling over the Yankees pitcher. The force of the contact not only knocked the ball out of Pettitte’s hand, it knocked Pettitte over. Given that Pettitte is 41 years old, it’s probably not a great idea to throw an exploding shoulder right into his chest. You know, brittle bones and stuff.

Andrus obviously reached base, the Rangers scored 4 runs in the top half of the third and went on to beat the Bronx Bombers by a score of 8-5.

Enjoy the GIFs:

In the end, what else would you expect from a guy whose name is “Jayson.” I mean, what’s up with the “y,” man?