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Holy crap, this pic of Hawk Harrelson from 1970 is phenomenal (photo)


Long before Ken “Hawk” Harrelson became the biggest homer announcer in Major League Baseball as a member of the television broadcast team for the Chicago White Sox, he enjoyed a decent big league career. Playing for five teams between 1963 and 1971, Harrelson was named to the 1968 All-Star team and led the American League in RBI as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Nowadays, Hawk Harrelson is known for the aforementioned blatant homerism, which often results in comical incidents, as well as his trademark “You can put it on the board!” home run call whenever a member of the Pale Hose hits a dinger.

But in 1970, as a member of the Cleveland Indians a superfly Ken Harrelson suffered a broken leg during training camp. After being discharged from St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Boston, renowned photographer Stanley Forman convinced Harrelson to allow him to photograph the ballplayer taking off his cast.

This seemingly innocuous request resulted in the below brilliantly funkified photo, which certainly will be one of the funniest things you will see all day and without a shred of doubt easily the best photo of Hawk Harrelson of all-time.


Holy freaking crap. He looks like the Hamburglar during his “hippie phase.” What about the cast? Well, let’s just say this is shortly after Hippie Hamburglar had his leg broken by Grimace over an LSD deal gone bad. Or something.

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