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Derp: Here’s what Kate Upton and Blake Griffin’s baby might look like (pics)


It must have been a real, real, real slow day at the real desk of Richard Hall, the writer behind’s “The Digital Desk.” Why? Because he actually took the time to not only contemplate but also write and piece surmising how the offspring of Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin and Reigning Queen of the Interwebs Kate Upton might look like if the two should ever procreate.

You see, Kate Upton and Blake Griffin recently were spotted out and about enjoying the company of one another along with some friends, spurning rumors that the two may be dating. And here I am way behind, still thinking she is all hot and heavy with “Dancing with the Stars” dude Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Gotta catch up on the gossip, man.

Which brings us to the recent piece from Mr. Hall. What would the end product be if an act of sexual congress between Upton and Griffin resulted in a pregnancy and the birth of a very lucky and very rich baby?

See for yourself.

Mr. Hall doesn’t specify which baby-generating software he utilized, but there are tons of them out there on the interwebs, each one more primitive and useless than the last. Anyhoo, here are five possibilities of what a baby might look like as a result of an Upton-Griffin coupling (and in case the photos aren’t enough, Hall did do a write-up for each baby):

blake-griffin-kate-upton-baby blake-griffin-kate-upton-baby-2 blake-griffin-kate-upton-baby-3 blake-griffin-kate-upton-baby-4 blake-griffin-kate-upton-baby-5

Fascinating stuff. You know, because, uh, derp.