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Viral video star Casey Johnstone throws out first pitch at Dodgers game (video)


Casey Johnstone, the young man who became something of a media sensation after a video of his 5th grade graduation speech won the hearts of Los Angeles Dodgers fans and others alike, threw out the ceremonial pitch before the Dodgers played the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night.

Johnstone, who lives in the Bay area but maintains his love of the Dodgers in the heart of Giants country, was given the opportunity to speak at his 5th grade graduation ceremony — as were all other studentsĀ Burlingame’s Lincoln Elementary — about his favorite memory from school. Johnstone elected to talk about his least favorite memory: When the Giants won the World Series and he was forced to stand by dejectedly in his Dodger blues while his fellow students celebrated.

Describing himself in his speech as a “true fan” and that true fans “stay tough” and “stay loyal,” Johnstone wrapped up his pro-Dodgers speech in enemy territory with, “Oh. And one more thing. Go Dodgers.”

Even the Giants fans in attendance stood up and cheered for Johnstone. And the video of his heartwarming speech about fan loyalty went viral. At current count, the video has over 230,000 views on YouTube.

As a reward for his dedication and passion for the team, Johnstone was invited to throw out the first pitch on Wednesday, and it was especially fitting that it came in a game when the Dodgers were playing the rival Giants (via

Johnstone, standing at the base of the mound, wound up and zinged one in there. It was a little wide, but had great velocity. He referred to it as a dream come true, but in the end, considering all the stuff he has to put up with being a Dodgers fan in the land of the Giants, it was well-deserved.