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Seeing the Backstreet Boys holding the Stanley Cup makes me sad inside (pic)


Come on, man. Why not ‘N Sync? And yet, I’m am powerless in resisting the urge to sing along anytime I hear “I Want It That Way.” Tell me why, indeed.

Apparently, both the Backstreet Boys and the Chicago Blackhawks resident party boy, Patrick Kane, were guests on the Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, affording members of the veteran boy band an opportunity to pose with the Cup. Sad.

Although there is one positive aspect to seeing the depressing image of the Backstreet Boys holding the Stanley Cup. Remembering the time Hayden Panettiere hugged, caressed, straddled and licked the iconic trophy.

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Nothing wrong with that.

[H/T Deadspin, image via Instagram]