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Arby’s near Redskins training camp reserves parking space for RG3 (pic)


With the opening of Washington Redskins training camp less than a month away, an Arby’s near the team facility, where players soon will descend to toil in the summer heat as the team prepares for the 2013 regular season, has made it abundantly clear that quarterback Robert Griffin III always will be a welcome guest at the establishment.

A Richmond, Va., Arby’s has posted a sign in the parking lot reserving a space for RG3 and RG3 only.

Via @Mark_T_Farmer, who tweets, “Hope you like Beef and Cheddar’s !!! Saw this at the Arby’s down the street from Training Camp…CAN’T WAIT”:


Pretty sweet gig for RG3, if he ever takes a detour from the nearest Subway — which of course is “the official training restaurant of Robert Griffin III” — for some beefy goodness.

But what about Mike Shanahan? What if the Redskins head coach — or any other member of the Redskins franchise — feels the need for some freshly sliced roast beef? Or curly fries, even? What of them? Can they use RG3’s spot? Somehow, I doubt it.

This is the second time in a little over a week that Arby’s has made its way into the sports world. Last week, it was the Arby’s Twitter account taking a shot out of nowhere at San Antonio Spurs benchwarmer Tracy McGrady. Perhaps Arby’s is about to enjoy a much-needed and well-deserved fast food joint renaissance. It’s good stuff, man. No, seriously. It is.

[H/T SB Nation]