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Andrew Shaw’s cheek, eye still a mess after taking a puck to the face (photos)


For those a bit slow on the uptake, Andrew Shaw’s still-grotesquely swollen-up face provides more-than-compelling evidence why it’s best not to block a puck with it. Because pucks are harder than faces, typically.

During Game 6 of the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup-clinching victory, Shaw’s face was on the receiving end of a shot off the stick of a Boston Bruins player. The force of the puck striking his cheek caused Shaw to immediately drop to the ice, but as you can see from the photo above, Shaw was feeling no pain afterward as he savored the thrill of holding Lord Stanley’s Cup in his hands.

But what of the aftermath of such a violent collision between vulcanized rubber and skin and bone? How is Andrew Shaw looking days later? See for yourself, but be forwarned: It ain’t pretty.

The evolution in which Shaw goes from beat-up, battered and bruised NHL player into a twisted, deformed freak, from immediately after Game 6 on Monday, then to Tuesday, on to Wednesday and finally, Thursday:

andrew-shaw-face andrew-shaw-face-2 andrew-shaw-face-3 andrew-shaw-face-4

Yamma hamma. It’s fright night. Has anyone ever mentioned that hockey players are a rare breed? Yeah? Good, because they are. Sheesh.

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