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Maria Sharapova, opponent team up for epic, shrieking gruntfest (video)


Maria Sharapova may have made an unceremoniously early exit from this year’s Wimbledon on Wednesday, losing in the second round to Michelle Larcher De Brito, the 131st-ranked player in the world, in a monumental, 6-3, 6-4, straight-set upset. But to her credit, Sharapova did leave an indelible, sonically disturbing imprint on the tourney by engaging in a point that featured such an absurd amount of eardrum-shattering shrieks and grunts that it is perhaps the noisiest point in the history of women’s tennis.

And that’s saying something, folks.

Turn down the volume on this one, kids, and put the dog outside, because this sucker is a real doozy of a humdinger of a shriekfest.

Sweet sassy molassey. That puts Maria’s “29 Moanings” audio file to shame. Good grief. All I know is if I grunted that forcefully and emphatically on the tennis court, well, not to be crude, but I would have to make a quick trip to the locker room to change. If you catch my drift. Which I kinda hope you do not.

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