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LeBron’s’ SI cover: Great pic or ‘before’ photo in Bosley infomercial? (photo)


Not surprisingly, in light of his postseason heroics leading the Miami Heat to a second consecutive NBA title, LeBron James snagged the cover of the current issue of Sports Illustrated.

But what is most fascinating about the photograph isn’t the clever way in which LeBron’s face is reflected in the trophy, but how his extreme male pattern baldness is highlighted in such stark detail.

Usually, LeBron does his best to hide his receding hairline — what with the reliance on the headband and everything (don’t believe LeBron’s insistence that it’s some kind of talisman) — but I guess winning another NBA championship has made him less worried about his appearance.

Still, there have been tremendous advancements in the field of hair restoration. Mr. LeBron James should give Bosley a holler. They’ll hook him up with some hair he can even swim with nd stuff.

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