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Hey look: Mark Sanchez also bared his ass during Napa dance party (video)


On Tuesday, the interwebs were abuzz with a Vine video uploaded (but since deleted, but copied over to YouTube) by California socialite featuring a shirtless Mark Sanchez boogeying down during a wine-soaked and festive dance party in Napa. Now, courtesy of Terez Owens, another video has surfaced, only this time the New York Jets quarterback isn’t only baring his chest — although he does remain shirtless — he’s also bearing his ass.

Not much else I can add here. If you would like to see Mark Sanchez bare forth his ass, have at it.

Also, for those a little slow on the uptake, the video features Mark Sanchez’s ass, meaning there is an ass shown. In this case, it’s the ass of Mark Sanchez. Viewer discretion is advised.

Via Terez Owens:

Man, with the boozy backdrop and California wine country setting, this uncomfortable and embarrassing — scene — a scene that probably should have remained a private moment, not for the world to see — could very well be an outtake from “Sideways.” Only it stars Mark Sanchez’s ass.