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Fan swoops in, snatches ball from guy without spilling tray of nachos (video)


During the bottom of the fourth inning of Tuesday’s interleague game between the Cincinnati Reds and Oakland Athletics, a fan made an impressive play in order to obtain a foul ball. And he did so without dropping a chip, nor cheese, nor topping from his tray of nachos.

The setup: A’s infielder Jed Lowrie lined a deep fly ball down the first base line. The ball drifted into foul territory, landing in the lower level of the stands and then caroming over a railing into the next section.

A guy stakes out a spot and appears to be in prime position to snag the souvenir and as he reaches up to secure the ball, Nacho Guy swoops in and snatches the ball with an agile, barehanded grab, right out of the guy’s hands.


Pretty nifty grab. And while impressive, it probably didn’t warrant this level of showboating afterward:

Oh, the agony (for the one guy who just was robbed of the ball) and the ecstasy (Nacho Guy).

Still, come on, dude. Act like you’ve been there before. Furthermore, his nachos were getting all cold. And that’s never a good thing.

Also, good thing it was a regular tray of nachos and not anything like this four-pounder a White Sox fan tried to eat. He could have given himself a hernia.

[H/T Cut4]