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According to Pornhub stats, Boston residents flocked to site after Game 6 loss


It is often said that time heals all wounds. But for those who are impatient and cannot wait for the pain to go away, perhaps there are methods in which to “rub out” the painful memories.

At approximately 11:00 p.m. EST, residents of the Boston metropolitan area logged onto the adult website Pornhub at a statistically alarming rate immediately following the Boston Bruins’ devastating Game 6 elimination loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. The Bruins squandered a one-goal lead in the waning moments of the third period by giving up two goals in the span of seventeen seconds, rendering an otherwise sturdy effort at forcing a Game 7 back in Chicago moot.

People tend to do turn to things that provide a sense of comfort in times of profound disappointment. And for some people, said comfort apparently can be realized by perusing some hardcore online pornography, which seems to be the case for at least some of the more randy residents of Boston.

As you can see, in the Boston area, Pornhub saw a 21% increase in in traffic almost immediately following the heartbreaking conclusion of Game 6, while in Chicago, traffic dropped substantially and throughout the duration of the game, up until the end, traffic decreased dramatically in those two cities. Makes sense.

Obviously, the incredible spike in traffic on Pornhub can’t be attributed solely to Bruins fans turning off the television and logging on to the pornographic website, but it’s reasonable to assume that dejected Bruins fans had some effect on the increase in traffic.

You know, because porn.

[H/T RandBall]