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What in the holy hell is in Andrew Shaw’s mouth in this disturbing photo?


For those who missed it, Chicago Blackhawks center Andrew Shaw took a puck off the face during the first period of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals (below), but odds are Shaw happily would trade a dozen more pucks off his dome so long as he could enjoy the ecstasy of hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup afterward.

As you can see above, Shaw was cherishing the fact that he was a Stanley Cup champion in the victor’s locker room amid a shower of beer rife with joyous mayhem.

Just look at his brutally beat-up face, a savage display of evidence indicating the price Shaw had to pay to experience a kind of joy few will ever feel that is arguably unparalleled in any other professional sport.

But in the following photo of Shaw, does anyone know what in the holy hell is in his mouth?

First a GIF of Shaw getting an up close and personal look at a puck during Game 6 (via @BuzzFeed):

And here’s the aforementioned photo of Shaw displaying the contents of his mouth:


Yowsers. I’d venture to guess that in light of the puck to the face he took earlier in the night that whatever the hell that is on his tongue could be bits and pieces of his brain that got dislodged. And while I’m no neurologist, somehow I sincerely doubt it.

Either way, it’s kinda gross. But odds are he couldn’t give a rip about it.

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