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Taiwanese Animation Treatment of Stanley Cup a blood-soaked gorefest (video)


Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that that the Taiwanese Animation Treatment of the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup-clinching Game 6 win on Monday is an over-the-top, blood-spattered orgy of violence. But even in light of Next Media Animation’s gory history, this animated report is even more of a gruesome blood-feast than usual.

Heads of players being ripped off, pucks off sticks of Blackhawks players blowing a hole in Tuukka Rask, resulting in an eruption of a blood fountain spurting out of his body, bear mauling, this one has got it all.

Amid all the carnage, take notice of the scene Jonathan Toews, in a bit of on-ice strategizing, discusses with Bryan Bickell (spelled “BIKELL” in the video), who scored the game-tying goal in Game 6 in crunch time before Dave Bolland scored the decisive goal a mere seventeen seconds later, an odd plan on how to score a goal.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it looks like either Bickell blows the puck out of his butt for the goal or he uses a fart to propel the puck into the goal. It’s pretty weird stuff, man.

Now, that is an absurd amount of violence, kids. Sheesh.