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A shirtless Mark Sanchez shows up dancing in some gal’s Vine upload (video)


Just in case there are any New York Jets fans still out there who remain unconvinced that Mark Sanchez, the team’s presumed starting quarterback next season — for now — has completely committed himself to the game of football and is doing his best to avoid any of the trappings of fame and wealth that could serve as distractions, even in the offseason … well, this video ain’t going to help sway their opinion.

Granted, it is the offseason, but Sanchez’s appearance in a Vine video uploaded by Alana Kari, whom Deadspin describes as a “SoCal-based socialite” (and provides compelling evidence that’s pretty much all she is as well), is sure to draw the ire of Jets fans, even if said ire may be an example of overreaction and going a bit overboard.

Tagged with #vinecrazy and #napa, here’s the video of Sanchez busting out his best moves. And “best” of course means awkward:

UPDATE: Kari has since pulled the Vine video, but someone uploaded it to YouTube before the take-down:

This just in: Mark Sanchez is a terrible dancer. Even worse than me. And that’s saying something. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am disappointed by the absence of a headband around Sanchez’s melon. It would have really tied the awkwardness together in one neatly headband-ed bow. Oh well. Kari uploaded a bevy of Vine videos (hey, she freely admitted she was “#vinerazy,” the worst kind of crazy there is) from her recent trip to Napa Valley to enjoy the sights and drink the wine.

Fascinating. How about some more Sanchez dancing videos, lady? That’s what we all really want to see. Well, except for Jets fans, that is. It probably makes Jets fans long for the days of yore when Eva Longoria was Sanchez’s biggest off-the-field distraction. Or when Tim Tebow was still around.