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Patrick Kane on winning Cup: ‘It’s going to be a great summer enjoying this’


By scoring two goals seventeen seconds apart in the waning moments of the third period during the team’s Game 6 showdown with the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Chicago Blackhawks secured its second Stanley Cup in four years with a stunning 3-2 victory at TD Garden on Monday night.

Patrick Kane, with nine goals and ten assists in 23 games, earned the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player in the playoffs, a well-deserved honor.

Kane is known as something of a party boy who heartily enjoyed Chicago’s previous Stanley Cup triumph, so his post-game comments, highlighted by, “[I]t’s going to be a great summer enjoying this,” are to be expected and in all honesty, not that surprising. In fact, it’s arguably par for the course during any summer for Patrick Kane.

Kane’s entire quote, via a Chicago Tribune report: “All the hard work pays off in the end. These are the feelings you live for. It’s going to be a great summer enjoying this. This year we had a great team and we really followed through. Being down 2-1 (on Monday night) in the last couple of minutes, coming back and winning in regulation, it’s just unbelievable, this team.”

Well stated. But in the end, Patrick Kane is Patrick Kane after all, so as a public service, please find below a rudimentary collection of “Patrick Kane Partying” photos from the past few years, which will serve as an appetizer of sorts for the photos that invariably will be taken in the coming weeks and months that undoubtedly will be worthy of addition to the Patrick Kane Partying Photo Pantheon.

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Sure, it’s hard to argue with Kane’s assertion that it is going to be a great summer during which he’ll enjoy savoring another Cup, but in the end, that quote probably would have fit had the Blackhawks lost. In an alternate universe where the Bruins won the Cup, here are Kane’s comments, or at the very least, his most innermost thoughts: “Yeah, it sucks losing in the Stanley Cup Finals, but it is still going to be a great summer lamenting this.”