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Duncan Keith celebrates with newborn son on ice, puts him in Stanley Cup (photos)


Probably the most heartwarming images that emerge from players reaching the pinnacle of their respective sports by securing a championship has to be the moments they share with their children shortly after victory.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith enjoyed one of those treasured moments on Monday night following the Chicago Blackhawks’ improbable Game 6 win over the Boston Bruins to deliver Chicago another Stanley Cup.

Below are photos of Keith with his newborn son Colton — only six weeks old — sharing a wonderful moment, one that baby Colton certainly never will remember but his father surely will and be able to share with his son for years to come as the boy gets older.

Awesome. And good call on the headphones, Duncan. What a heartwarming scene.

(Puts on “Cat’s in the cradle,” notices how it is getting dusty in here)

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