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Derek Holland kicked out of Counting Crows show, complains on Twitter


Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland planned an outing in order to enjoy a Monday evening off in the New Jersey area before the team kicked-off a three-game series against the New York Yankees. Curiously, Holland felt that taking in a concert by 1990s hit-makers Counting Crows would be a nice way to blow off some steam, relax and listen to some rocking — yet sensitive and heartfelt — jams courtesy of Adam Duritz and company.

Conveniently for Holland, the Crows just so happened to be performing at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ on Monday evening, a cosmic coincidence of sorts. Actually, I’m pretty sure Holland saw that the Counting Crows were in concert nearby and decided to go to the show, not that he felt like attending a Counting Crows concert and magically the band was playing in a nearby venue, but whatever.

Anyhoo, Holland apparently ran afoul of the venue’s security, resulting in his expulsion from the concert. That’s when Holland took to Twitter to bemoan his cruel fate.

Well, that seems a bit of a rash response by security if it played out in the manner in which Holland describes. And if you can’t trust the Twitter testimony of a guy whose handle includes the term “Dutch_Oven,” well, who can you trust?

But more importantly, did Holland get to see the Crows perform “Rain King” first? Because if not, well, that really stinks. Uh-YEAHHHHHHH!!!

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