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Blackhawks fans once again teepee head coach Joel Quenneville’s house (photo)


Among the madcap — and odds are booze-fueled — antics likely committed by Chicago Blackhawks fans as they collectively reveled in their beloved team’s second Stanley Cup title in four years, was the repeat performance of the teepeeing of head coach Joel Quenneville’s home.

And these toilet paper-toting fans spared no expense — nor time, evidently — as Coach Q’s residence is abundantly littered with bathroom tissue.

Via @PaulPabst:


Well done, toilet-papering commandos. Well done, indeed.

As alluded to above, Blackhawks fans haphazardly and messily applied the exact same bathroom tissue adornments to the exterior of Quenneville’s home following the team’s Stanley Cup title in 2010. Somehow, odds are that Quenneville doesn’t really mind. And if for some reason Quenneville is irritated by the teepeeing, there are probably hundreds of appreciative Blackhawks fans who would love to stop by and help out with the cleanup.

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