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Bruins star Andrew Ference shaves off playoff beard with eraser (video)


Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference, perhaps attempting to alleviate the disappointment, despair and depression that the team’s fans are understandably feeling on Tuesday in the wake of a stunning loss in the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday, uploaded a delightful bit of whimsy to Vine showing him “shave” his playoff beard with an eraser.

Ference also rids himself of the old soup strainer above his upper lip courtesy of a sneeze (via Vine):

Wait. How did he do that? Here I am trying to trim my beard with an electric pencil sharpener and going nowhere. Except for perhaps a trip to the emergency room.

Still, if one is to use an unorthodox classroom tool to remove facial hair, it’s undoubtedly better than trying this:


Ha. Good old Jasper Beardley.

[H/T Eye on Hockey]