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When he emerges from his booze-fueled coma, the Heat will still be champs (photo)


Much has been written and many posts have been published in the blogosphere regarding the Miami Heat’s triumphant win over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night. And much more will be written and many more posts will be published in the blogosphere on Friday regarding the very same topic. LeBron James had a heroic effort and led the way, Dwyane Wade battled through injuries, Chris Bosh, um, looked like an ostrich (but in all honesty, played well –at points — during the series) yadda yadda yadda.

It’s difficult to play catch-up when so much has already been covered and the Sportress intends to hit the high points throughout the day. But just in case other stuff comes up, allow this here post to be SoB’s quintessential “The Miami Heat are the NBA Champions” write-up.

You see, this guy knew the Heat won the game. At least we think he did. What he recalls from his drunken revelry on Thursday night will be between him, his probation officer and the rest of the once-inebriated-but-now-extremely-hungover inhabitants of some detox tank in a Miami police station.

Cheers to the Miami Heat and their always loyal and dedicated fans.

And to this guy, maybe a little hair of the dog that bit him may do the trick.

[H/T @SportingNews via Next Impulse Sports]