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Pair of penguins take part in ceremonial first pitch before Rangers game (pics/vid)


In a story that is in no uncertain terms strictly for the birds (zing), a couple of penguins from the Dallas Zoo made an appearance at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Thursday to take part in the ceremonial first pitch before the Texas Rangers hosted the Oakland Athletics.

The adorable sideshow was part of Wildlife Education Day at the ballpark and if penguins don’t elicit a reflexive “Awww” response in a person, well, that person probably has no soul. Or their family was terrorized by a roving band of murderous penguins during an Antarctic expedition. But what are the odds of that?

Anyhoo, the two penguins did waddle themselves out to the pitcher’s mound and also enjoyed the company of Rangers Captain, the equine mascot of the Rangers ball club.

Warning: Adorableness ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

Some photos of the penguins kicking it with Rangers Captain:

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And some video of the penguins doing their penguin thing (via @Rangers):

Finally, some footage of the ceremonial first pitch (the appearance of the penguins comes near the end), via

Ha. Penguins.

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