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Of course an Edible Arrangements bouquet was sent to Aaron Hernandez’s home (pic)

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(image via the Boston Herald)

With minimal consideration and barely any contemplation — mainly out of laziness (on several counts) — an editorial decision was made here at the Sportress of Blogitude to steer clear of the ever-evolving story surrounding the mess that is developing around New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. We tend to navigate less serious terrain around these here parts, so it made sense to allow those above my pay grade handle the rigorous legal analysis and moral hand-wringing that embody the analysis of this developing tragic tale and so on and so forth.

But a recent story and photo making its way around the interwebs proved impossible to ignore. For some unknown reason, an unidentified individual, apparently feeling that Aaron Hernandez needed something, anything, to brighten his day, decided to have an Edible Arrangements bouquet sent to his North Attleborough, Mass., home, which currently is crawling with media and under constant surveillance.

Via @AtwaterWCVB:

I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t a bouquet. It could have been an Edible Arrangements basket for all we know. Still, big ups to the guy or gal who thought some fruit carved and crafted to resemble a floral arrangement  — but edible –would take Mr. Hernandez’s mind off the mess he apparently has gotten himself into. Well done.

But if the person behind the package really wanted to brighten his day, why not a singing telegram? Everybody loves those. And by everybody I of course mean nobody. Even a person of interest in an ongoing murder investigation.

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