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How does LeBron celebrate an NBA title? By eating pizza, of course (video)


Following the ecstatic scene on the court and later, inside the Miami Heat locker, the freshly crowned, back-to-back NBA champions headed to the club to engage in some celebratory bonding and tension-releasing partying.

How did LeBron blow off some steam while at the same time celebrating his Bill Russell MVP Trophy and second NBA title alongside his teammates, you ask? But more importantly, was LeBron only nourishing his soul after a hard-fought yet gratifying win? What about nourishing his body as well? Have no fears, true believers. LeBron made sure he was getting at some food-based sustenance. By eating pizza, of course.

Check out how King James mows down on a slice while taking the stage with Dwyane Wade as Drake — who had some access issues earlier in the evening it’s worth noting — performed at the Story nightclub in South Beach.

No word on whether or not this guy made it in to the club. Or if LeBron’s headband was on the guest list. Doubtful on the first one, probable on the second.

Pizza Pizza:

Pizza probably has never tasted so good.

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