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Justin Bieber escorts curvaceous mystery woman to Game 7 of NBA Finals (pic)


You may recall how Justin Bieber made a splash when he showed up at AmericanAirlines Arena to watch the Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. What caused such a stir was the shocking revelation related to the absurd level of douchebaggery (above) that possibly could be encompassed in one person. A relatively small person at that.

But the Biebs’ douchebaggery is immense, powerful and undeniable. And since it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals and said game featured his current favorite NBA team, the Heat, (it is assumed the Heat will remain his favorite, until the team is no longer the best), taking on the San Antonio Spurs, who are, like, so old, Bieber just had to make a douchetastic appearance.

And lo and behold, wouldn’t you know it? Bieber had an attractive — and quite voluptuous — new mystery woman on his arm.


Who was she? What’s her story? Why do we care? We don’t, but feel compelled to discuss it anyway? Okay. Fair enough.

And in case you are wondering, why yes, this is indeed a sports blog, so why wouldn’t Justin Bieber be a topic of conversation? Duh. Bieber is such an unstoppable force, bigger and greater than anything the world has ever seen, it is our solemn duty as citizens of Planet Earth to always keep him in our thoughts. In a way, he’s like Jesus. Only with mad swag. And a much bigger — and much meaner — entourage.