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Confused Heat fan mistakes Jack Nicklaus for Arnold Palmer at Game 7 of NBA Finals


In the grand scheme of things, the tweet sent out by Sports Illustrated senior writer Chris Mannix prior to tipoff of Game 7 of the NBA Finals isn’t really that big of a deal.

Still, it’s an amusing anecdote about one particular individual affiliated with the Miami Heat fanbase, a population of people who have been much-maligned of late for the antics by some of its members, including how scores of them scurried from their seats and left Game 6 early with the outcome of the game still hanging in the balance.

The tweet in question from Mannix describes how he just had personally witnessed a misinformed Heat fan — and apparently, one who isn’t much of a golf fan — misidentify Jack Nicklaus, who was in attendance for big game, for the Golden Bear’s fellow golf legend, Arnold Palmer.

Via @ChrisMannix:

Fantastic. And sad. Arnold Palmer is the randy old fella who gave Kate Upton a smooch before a dinner date! Jack Nicklaus, is the one, um, who didn’t do that.

Still, sad. I bet even this Heat fan would have known the difference between Nicklaus and Arnie. And then promptly give the finger to him.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]