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Chris Bosh nearly chokes on piece of confetti during celebration (video)


Ah yes, Chris Bosh. The gift that keeps on giving. Just recently he was mocked in a Taiwanese Animation Treatment of Game 7 of the NBA Finals due to his scoring-wise no-show in the big game. Heck, he was compared to an ostrich once, for goodness sakes.

But there have been good times, too. Chris Bosh’s legendary skill at videobombing, for instance. That’s funny stuff, right?

And there have been bad times, as well. Like this unfortunate photo. Hoo boy.

But through it all, Chris Bosh persevered, and now he has two NBA titles on his resumé. Not too shabby.

On Thursday, after the Miami Heat had secured their second-straight Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy but before the team went their separate ways: Shane Battier, who was off to Denny’s to elegantly dine, and LeBron who chose to mow on some pizza while celebrating, Bosh shared a moment with his Heat teammates on the court at AmericanAirlines Arena.

And a rotten piece of confetti has to float down from the ceiling, wafting and drifting and dancing right into his mouth, ruining everything.

Via @DragonflyJonez:

Hilarious. And here I thought the Heat could be doomed because of Chris Bosh being a choking hazard, not that Chris Bosh nearly was doomed by a choking hazard. You learn something new every day.

Still, that’s a shame. It reminds me of how Maximus snorted a flower petal up his nose, setting up a his and Pascal’s mad dash for the wedding rings set loose by his sneeze in “Tangled Ever After”.

Yes, I have a young daughter. Why do you ask?