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What’s more annoying: Birdman’s mugging or his no-tattoo bobblehead? (pics)


Above is an image of Chris “Birdman” Andersen mugging for the camera as he celebrated winning an NBA championship with his Miami Heat teammates. Originally signed by the Heat on Jan. 20, 2013, Birdman played a lot of games with the club, so his contributions during the run to the Finals certainly were meritorious.

But was Andersen’s impact on the roster and the Heat’s NBA title worthy of such egregious mugging as seen in the above photo? Sure, why not? Although at the very least it is deserving of being labeled somewhat annoying. But live and let live, right?

Which brings us to the next point: Quickly made available on the NBA’s online store were bobbleheads of Heat players holding the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. And while the bobbleheads are a neat item and certainly will be snatched up by Heat fans who love their memorabilia, as seen below, there is something about the Chris “Birdman” Andersen bobblehead that just ain’t right.

Via NBA Store:


Hmmm…there’s no tattoos. Granted, it would be nearly impossible to capture the massive amounts of body ink that has been injected into Birdman’s skin, and there are no hard, fast rules about just how similar a bobblehead is supposed to be to the person it represents, but how about a little bit of effort here? Maybe throw a little fake ink on that bad boy.

Sure, it doesn’t rise to the level of annoying, but you know what I mean.

Actually, neither of the two options in the question posed in the title of the post truly are extremely annoying. But if one had to pick, it has to be the photo of Birdman mugging, right? We have been big fans of Birdman here at the Sportress in the past, but in the end, mugging photo it is.

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