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Blatant Homerism

Justin Morneau ignored by teammates after ending homer drought (video)


Over the past few months, Justin Morneau has been suffering through an epic power drought like nothing he has experienced during his big league career. The Minnesota Twins first baseman had not connected on a long ball since April 28, a stupefying 189 plate appearances, before finally connecting on Wednesday night in a 7-4 win over the Chicago White Sox at Target Field.

Morneau finally went yard against White Sox reliever Deunte Heath in the bottom of the sixth inning for only his third home run of the season, ending a dry spell that the 2006 American League MVP thought would never end.

And given the extended, likely excruciating period of homerless at-bats, his Twins teammates decided to have some fun at his expense, ignoring him as he sought out high-fives when he returned to the Twins dugout.


Said Morneau about the silent treatment he received in the dugout: “I had a lot of imaginary friends there,” he said. “I’ve seen that done a few times and never had that done to me, so it’s just the reaction. Stand there and look like an idiot or high-five the air like an idiot. That was fun.”

Probably not as fun as getting an enormous monkey off his back. Morneau was on his way to another MVP-caliber season in 2010 when post-concussion symptoms sidelined him after suffering one on July 7.

Morneau battled concussion issues and other nagging injuries during the 2011 campaign, but finally returned to full-time action in 2012, although his power numbers have never returned. Maybe this round-tripper can get him back in the swing of things. Heh, swing of things. That’s dumb.