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Jayson Werth thinks Nationals should be ready to ‘eat somebody’s face’

Washington Nationals Photo Day

File this story under “When baseball players make references to cannibalism.” Just a thought: you may have to type up a label for that file. After suffering another loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday, Washington Nationals outfielder was in a surly mood and somewhat frustrated by the semi-slide the team has been on of late, losing four of five games.

The most recent two losses came to the Philadelphia Phillies, which meant that the Nationals had slipped into a virtual third-place tie with the Phils in the National League East standings.

This caused Werth — he of the “Game of Thrones” at-bat music (makes so much more sense now) — to express his thoughts on the team and how the squad can pull themselves out of its recent malaise, albeit he did so in a somewhat bizarre way.

Via Nationals Journal:

“I don’t know,” he said, leaning back in the rolling chair at his locker. “I guess we’re kind of all screwed up like that. Stuff doesn’t bother us. When you get to this level, play for this long, you’ve learned to get over stuff like that pretty quick. It’s just part of it. People that drown in it and people that take it home and allow it to eat at them and all that don’t usually last too long. They don’t stick around. That’s all part of being a big leaguer. You’ve just got to do it. You’ve got to show up tomorrow ready to eat somebody’s face.”

Well, that’s some interesting imagery. If somewhat psychotic. And no word if Nationals brass considered outfitting Werth with something along the lines of this mask as part of his uniform:


Not surprisingly, a few of Werth’s Nationals teammates had some fun with the bizarre — yet amusing and not to be taken literally (I hope) — statement on Twitter (via D.C. Sports Bog):

Good stuff.

And for the record, the Nationals, perhaps motivated by Werth’s offbeat pep talk, went out and beat the Phillies by a score of 6-2 on Wednesday. Even better, no faces of Phillies players were eaten.