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Bruins coach Claude Julien morphs into King of the Hill’s Bill Dauterive (GIF)


Sure, “King of the Hill” may not have been Mike Judge’s finest work, but it was a sweet show that had a surprisingly long run on FOX and is a viable option for late-night viewing entertainment if you cannot find something else to watch.

Perhaps the finest character on the show is Bill Dauterive. Born William Fontaine de la Tour D’Haute Rive and voiced by Stephen Root, Bill is Hank Hill’s oafish, somewhat lame-brained neighbor who served in the Army but only as a barber.

Someone on the interwebs made a connection between Bill’s animated appearance and that of Boston Bruins head coach Claude Julien.

Don’t believe it? Watch the animated GIF below and see how seamlessly Julien morphs into Bill.

Via reddit hockey:

Ha. Fantastic. Even Bill’s ex-wife Lenore wouldn’t believe how someone who looks so much like Bill could rise through the ranks and become an NHL head coach.

Now all we need is someone to create a GIF where Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville morphs into Tom Tucker. Then we would have Stanley Cup Finals head coaching morph symmetry. If that kind of thing matters to you. Which it should.

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