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Spoiled Heat fans leaving arena in mass exodus a sad and pathetic display (pics/vid)


After staging a breathtaking 4th quarter comeback but relinquishing the lead, the Miami Heat were down by five points to the San Antonio Spurs with 28 seconds remaining in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, meaning the Spurs were less than a half-minute away from another NBA title and the Heat that close to elimination.

But then again, all hope was not lost for the Heat. Stranger things have happened, right? Tell that to the reportedly hundreds upon hundreds of Heat fans who left their seats and poured out of the arena with the outcome of the game still hanging in the balance in what has to be considered one of the most pathetic displays of bandwagon, front-running, fan behavior of all-time.

Sure, things didn’t look pretty, but a five-point deficit in a basketball game can be erased in two quick possessions, and to leave demonstrates just how spoiled some Heat fans have grown. Three consecutive appearances in the Finals and this is how a portion of the fans show their collective appreciation? By heading to the exits when hope remained? It wasn’t like the Heat were down by a dozen with little to no hope of staging a remarkable comeback. It was five points. Five.

Bomani Jones tweeted out the following photo of fans riding the escalators as they exited the arena:


And here’s some video of fans leaving their seats in the lower bowl (via¬†Grantland’s Rembert Browne):

Additional video:

To make matters worse and even more embarrassing for that segment of Heat fans who gave up on their team, fans desperately tried to re-enter the arena after the Heat forced overtime:

Of course, we all know that the Heat prevailed in overtime to force a Game 7. I wonder if the Heat fans who had tickets for both Game 6 and Game 7 will bother to show their faces inside AmericanAirlines Arena on Thursday.

Of course they will. If they stick around all depends on if the Heat are winning or how bad they are losing, I guess.

Either way, I think this Heat fan’s embarrassing behavior from earlier in the playoffs sums up how most folks feel about the Heat fans that left.

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