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Like a hockey player, Rangers 2B Ian Kinsler gets stitches, returns to game (vid)


Doing his best hockey player imitation, Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler returned to the game after receiving stitches following a violent collision at home plate that left his face bloodied.

The collision occurred during the third inning of the team’s game against the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday when Kinsler slid feet-first on a single by A.J. Pierzynski. During his slide, the left side of Kinsler’s face slammed into the catching mask of John Jaso as the A’s catcher reached to apply the tag.

Jaso was unable to hold on to the ball when the two players collided as Kinsler sacrificed his face for the team’s second run of the game.

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The start of the fourth inning was delayed several minutes so Kinsler received three stitches and was checked for concussion symptoms. “We had trainers relaying a message to the umpires that I was trying to get back in the game,” Kinsler said.

Sure, the drawn-out process makes it a little bit different than how stitches are typically applied during a hockey game as stitches are so routine the job is performed on the fly, but Kinsler was back on the field when the game resumed, wearing a bloodied jersey and a bandage on his face, demonstrating a toughness which is rarely assumed to be part of a baseball player’s repertoire.

Kinsler’s evening at the ballpark already was off to an eventful start in the first inning when at the plate, a swing from Kinsler resulted in his bat shattering, sawing off and sending a dangerous chunk of the bat into the seats along the third baseline (via

Hoo boy, that could have been an ugly scene. Nice grab by that kid.