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Mets fan takes a bit of a tumble over two rows of seats at Citi Field (video)


Sometimes, it’s hard to be a New York Mets fan. Okay, in recent history, it has been extremely difficult to be a Mets fan. And while it is unknown if cosmic forces were in play during Thursday’s game between the Mets and St. Louis Cardinals at Citi Field, but watching this Mets fan suddenly fall and tumble over two rows of seats is some sweet schadenfreude loaded with symbolism.

You know, for what it must feel like to be a Mets fan. It’s an endless and embarrassing series of falling down for no reason, over and over and over again.

Watch as the guy takes a tumble in the background while Cardinals reliever Trevor Rosenthal prepares to pitch:

Ha. And the GIF goodness:

At least it looks like he was okay after the spill. So, that’s good.

What say you, Sad Mets Fan?

sad mets fan


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