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Joe Mauer plays catch with 5-year-old twins born with cerebral palsy (videos)


On Wednesday, as part of the community outreach Minnesota Twins players have been involved in as part of “Hope Week” during a “Picnic at the Park” event at Target Field, Twins catcher and hometown hero Joe Mauer had the opportunity to meet Braden and Dathan Miller, five-year-old twin brothers from Iowa who made the trip to Gillette Children’s in Minneapolis for treatment related to their cerebral palsy.

And while their diagnosis makes it hard for them to participate in their favorite pastime, baseball, recent surgeries on their legs have given the boys the ability to do a little bit of running and baseball activities at home in an infield outlined in chalk on their driveway.

The biggest thrill of the day for the boys was when Mauer met with them and even engaged in a bit of catch.

Mauer, who has twins of his own on the way with his wife, St. Paul nurse Maddie Bisanz, said, “I got twins on the way and it was fun to see those kids at five and talk to their parents a little bit,” Mauer said. “It’s kind of fun to see what I’m about to get into.”

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It’s getting little dusty in here or is it just me? Below is another video report from Twin Cities NBC affiliate, KARE-11:

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